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Share Your Homelab Applications and Why You Chose Them!

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    • Nov 2023
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    Share Your Homelab Applications and Why You Chose Them!

    Hey Homelab Enthusiasts!

    I hope everyone's tech sanctuaries are buzzing with creativity and innovation. I'm eager to hear about the diverse applications you've installed on your Homelab servers and the reasoning behind your choices. Let's make this a space for sharing insights, ideas, and perhaps discovering new gems to add to our own setups!

    Here are a few prompts to get the conversation started:
    1. What applications are currently running on your Homelab server?
    2. Why did you choose these specific applications? Any particular use case or project in mind?
    3. Have you recently added or removed any applications? What drove those decisions?
    4. Any unexpected discoveries or challenges while working with your chosen applications?
    5. For those who repurposed old hardware, how did that influence your choice of applications?

    To kick things off, here's a peek into my Homelab setup:

    I'm currently running:
    • Nextcloud: For seamless file synchronization and collaborative work.
    • Docker: A containerization platform, because who doesn't love the flexibility it offers?
    • Plex Media Server: Because movie nights at home should be as smooth as possible.
    • Home Assistant: Turning my living space into a smart home oasis.
    • GitLab: Version control for my codin​g projects.
    • Portainer: Because who doesn't love a sleek interface to manage their Docker containers?
    • Grafana: Visualizing data from various sources adds that extra flair to my tech haven.
    • InspIRCd: A lightweight IRC server for the nostalgic touch and occasional tech discussions.
    • Nginx Proxy Manager: Simplifying my web server configurations and ensuring secure access.
    • Apache2: Running alongside Nginx for specific applications that love the classic touch.
    • MySQL: A reliable database backbone for various projects.

    I chose these applications to strike a balance between personal use and enhancing my coding skills. But, of course, the beauty of Homelabs lies in their diversity, so I'm eager to learn about your choices and the stories behind them!

    Your turn! What's humming away in your Homelab, and what led you to choose those applications? Let's build a collective pool of wisdom and inspiration for all the fellow tech explorers out there. Share away!